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Conscientious Objectors


Speaker 1: Welcome to the, How world War I Changed America Podcast Series. Sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon foundation with hosts, Dr Libby O'Connell.


Dr.  O'Connell: This is Libby O'Connell. Our guest today, Dr Chris Capozzola professor from MIT.


Dr. Cappozola: Thank you for having me.


Dr.  O'Connell: Today our topic is Citizenship In America. Rights And Responsibilities During World War I. Could you talk a little bit about the large religious minority groups in The United States, in 1914. I say large because there's so many different religions in United States. So many people came here for religious freedom and so many people developed new religions when they got here. So let's just focus on some of the bigger ones. What are their stances on war? What are the stances of the large religious minorities on World War I in 1914, when the war breaks out?